5 Trends That Will Shape Sustainability and Business in 2022

As a world in climate crisis enters a new decade, Eco-Business highlights five major trends that will shape society and business in the coming years.

In 2019, environmental disasters and social upheaval held a mirror to humanity’s inability to safeguard both environment and people, leading many to question if the global systems in place were still relevant or viable.  As we enter into the year of 2022, we see that environmental changes continue to wreak havoc globally. We are forced to change our thinking, expectations, and approach.

From the fires in Amazonia, Indonesia and Australia, to widespread protests in Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq and India, the word “crisis” was often and aptly used by the media last year to describe the turmoil of the last decade. Observers wondered if the chaos would make global sustainability goals harder to achieve.

“Perhaps what has most informed last year is the growing awareness that we are entering a critical decade in which we must reduce carbon emissions, but that [signs of] increasing turbulence and uncertainty in the years ahead will make it difficult to do so,” said Ariel Muller, managing director of sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future Asia Pacific.

However, another defining feature of 2019 was the people who showed up to demand greater accountability from governments and corporations. Due to increasing pressure from citizens and consumers, companies and policymakers are altering business practices and introducing new rules to build a more sustainable world.

What does the coming year hold? 2020, as some experts have noted, is the year the climate fight could be won or lost, and Asia will play a critical role.


Sandra Adams
Author: Sandra Adams

Sandra Adams5 Trends That Will Shape Sustainability and Business in 2022